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An epic wildlife Conservation Club with a splash of Super-Awesome Animal Adventures and Super-Fun Leadership Labs!   

Young people like you can join in virtually from anywhere in the world with on-demand videos, live, instructor-led sessions, interactive project-based programs, fun activities, and more. You'll also launch and lead projects that save species, help habitats, and facilitate fundraising plans to protect the animals you love.  

At the same time you'll grow leadership skills, expand your entrepreneurial thinking, and build confidence that will give you the tools, mindset and added advantages in your life.


DOWNLOAD a Copy of the Club's Calendar!

Want to know all the fun things we do each month in this Conservation Club? Download a copy of the September 2023 calendar.

Open the World of Saving Species and Social Entrepreneurship!

Directors, Educators, Program Coordinators… Are you feeling overwhelmed with developing new, engaging programs semester after semester? It’s time to get off the hamster wheel and try something new – an Interactive Program that’s a small lift for you and a BIG impact for your young people!

Let's Grow the Next Generation of Conservation Leaders!

CS the Critter Saver, founder of Awesome Animal Academy is here to give you and the kids in your life fun, interactive ways to connect with and care about the animals you love and the habitats they call home. So let’s get started saving bees to butterflies, wildlife to sea life, and exotic to endangered become a Critter Saver Champion Today!

Hands-On, Project-Based Learning Adventures!

Awesome Animal Academy offers a combination of self-paced videos and online and in-person, instructor-led programs in partnership with zoos, aquariums, schools, homeschooling groups, libraries, summer camps, and other groups around the world.


C S Wurzberger aka. C S the Critter Saver is a wildlife conservation coach, author, award-winning podcaster, youth mentor, and educator with 35+ years of experience. 

She specializes in taking animal-lovers of all ages on engaging online adventures and in-person experiences to connect with, care about, and celebrate the awesome animals they love (and the ones they are yet to meet).

In partnership with zoos, aquariums, and wildlife conservation centers we come together to launch and lead Awesome Animal Protection Projects™

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Have fun exploring the many awesome animals that share our world (both in the wild and in captivity)!


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